A Shout Out to Our Staff

2022 Officer, Employee, and Volunteer (VIP) of the Year

Officer Ryan Ruano was the stand-out choice for Officer of the Year.  Ryan brought an advanced level of experience when he was hired, and his investigative skills have been highlighted numerous times.  Ryan consistently works hard, has a positive attitude, demonstrates concern for the wellbeing of his peers, and is always willing to take on additional roles to fill in gaps in our schedule. We appreciate your contributions to the department as Traffic and Boat Officer, as well as OIC, and look forward to what the future brings you.  

This year’s Employee of the Year must be awarded to Jordan Salas.  Jordan started as our intern and has grown tremendously over the last few years in her role as Records Technician. Jordan is incredibly loyal to the Truckee Police Department and always willing to help her co-workers in any situation at a moment’s notice.  Jordan’s personality makes her easy to work with, as she juggles numerous daily tasks and extra projects. We admire your efforts to keep the Records Division running smoothly during this challenging year.

Our Volunteer of the Year is Andrea Oddo. Andrea has been incredibly helpful in our VIPS group, taking time to organize their office space, attending special events and educating visitors on proper pet etiquette on the Legacy Trail. Andrea holds herself to a high standard and her professionalism is demonstrated in every task she takes on. Thank you for your dedication as a volunteer.