Community Complaints

A relationship of trust and confidence between members of the police department and the community they serve is essential to effective law enforcement. Law enforcement officers must be free to exercise their best judgement and to initiate enforcement action in a reasonable, lawful and impartial manner without fear of reprisal. So, too, enforcers of the law have a special obligation to respect meticulously the rights of all persons.

The Truckee Police Department acknowledges its responsibility to establish a system of complaint and disciplinary procedures which not only will subject the officer to corrective action when he/she conducts improperly, but also will protect the officer from unwarranted criticism when the officer discharges his/her duties properly.

It is the purpose of these procedures to provide prompt, just, open and expeditious disposition on complaints regarding the conduct of members and employees of the department. To this end, citizens are encouraged to bring complaints about department operations and the conduct of its members to the attention of the Truckee Police Department whenever a citizen believes that such an act is improper.

The overriding purposes of the procedure, as stated above, is to improve police services to the community. Swift and fair disciplinary action not only increases the general level of performance, but also manifests the department’s concern for the community. Equally important is the need to expose the false or malicious complaint which, if not disproved, would weaken public confidence and trust in the police. If you would like to speak to a supervisor about police misconduct we encourage you to either make personal contact at the Truckee Police Department (10183 Truckee Airport Road) or speak to a supervisor over the phone (530-550-2323).