Where does the Town install crosswalks?

Crosswalks may be located at signalized and unsignalized intersections or at mid-block locations. Crossings at intersections with higher levels of pedestrian traffic are more likely to be marked with a crosswalk, whereas intersections with lower levels of pedestrian traffic are less likely to be marked. In addition, mid-block crosswalks are not recommended unless accompanied with physical features (such as a center island). When determining where a crosswalk should be located and how it should be marked, several roadway and pedestrian characteristics are examined such as: the speed limit of the roadway, traffic volumes, number of travel lanes, road width, presence of center islands, pedestrian traffic volumes, pedestrian behaviors, visual clearance, and collision data. Efforts are made to mark crossings at convenient and safe locations. However, pedestrians should always remain “heads up” when using crosswalks as markings and signs do not protect against inattentive drivers.