I've just received a ticket. What do I do now?

The court should send you a courtesy notice within three weeks from the issue date stating the bail or fine amount for the violation(s).  This notice will also provide information for paying the fine or contesting the violation(s).  If you haven't received the courtesy notice within three weeks of receiving your ticket, call the Traffic Court at (530) 362-4309.   It is your responsibility to contact the Traffic Court within 21 days of the ticket date if you do not receive a courtesy notice.

IMPORTANT:  When you signed the ticket, also known as a Notice to Appear, you promised to appear in court on the date and time listed on the citation.  Failing to do so could result in additional charges (California Vehicle Code 40508).  A courtesy notice is just that, a courtesy.  If you do not receive a courtesy notice from the court it does not absolve you of your requirement to appear in court.