How can I get my car out of storage?

If a vehicle was impounded for 30 days because the driver had no license or had a suspended license, a hearing can be requested by calling  (530) 550-2323  or by coming down to the Truckee Police Department.

No hearing is required if the 30-day impound period has lapsed. The registered owner or their authorized agent can claim a stored/impounded vehicle by coming to lobby of the Police Department, presenting proper identification, and paying a $163.00 administrative fee for a release form to take to the tow yard. (This fee is waived if the vehicle was stolen or if the driver was hospitalized in an accident.) The person obtaining the release must have a valid driver's license or be accompanied by someone who does. The vehicle must have current registration or have a temporary operating permit before it can be released.

If a vehicle was impounded for evidence, the owner may obtain a release once the Police Department has completed its investigation. Call the Police Department at  (530) 550-2323 to determine who the investigating officer is and discuss the release with him/her