1 in 3 pets goes missing in their lifetime, but one click can bring them home. 

Microchips are FREE for pets of residents of the Town of Truckee!

Why Microchip?

  • Microchipping is your pet’s best chance of being returned home should it ever become lost.
  • Microchips are as critical means of being reunited in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

Microchipping is done by injecting a small chip, the size of a grain of rice, under the skin between the shoulder blades. Implantation is quick, simple, essentially painless, and virtually stress-free for animals.  

Call 530-582-2484 to make an appointment at the Animal Shelter 10961 Stevens Lane, Truckee

This program has been made possible by a grant from the California Animal Welfare Funders Collaborative.