Coexisting with Wildlife

We’re lucky to live so close to wildlife. It is possible to share space and safely coexist with native species. Learn more at KEEP ME WILD

Never feed wildlife. Our best approach for safe and harmonious coexistence is to avoid conditioning them with food and to humans. 

Local Wildlife Organizations:

Lake Tahoe Wildlife (530) 577-2273 Lake Tahoe Wildlife, and the Bear League (530) 525-7297 Bear League may be available to assist with wildlife.

Injured Animals

Truckee Animal Services Officers respond to all calls of injured animals, both wild and domestic. If you encounter any injured animals, please call our office or the Truckee Police dispatch immediately (530) 550-2320.


Seeing a Coyote should not be cause for alarm. Incredibly beneficial to the natural ecosystem, coyotes are a keystone species and help to keep rodent populations under control. They are often referred to as “nature’s clean-up crew.” Coexisting with Coyotes


Bats are fascinating animals; they are the world’s only flying mammal and can fly at speeds over 100 miles an hour. They also play a vital role their ecosystems by pollinating fruits, dispersing seeds and keeping insect populations balanced. What to do if a bat is in the house